Easy to use, easily affordable and powerful, EZHMS is currently being used in 50+
properties in India. It is perfect for small and medium sized hotels (up to 4 star),
restaurant chains, resorts, service apartments, clubs, villas and food courts.


Hotel Poppys, Madurai

Hotel Vinayaga, Tirupur

Hotel Meadows Residency, Ooty

Hotel Sam Residency, Coimbatore

Hotel Chelas, Kumbakonam

Hotel Gajapria, Trichy

Town Country Resorts, Kodaikanal

Hotel Chelas, Kumbakonam

Relax Holiday Home, Goa

Detail list of customers

Some of our prestigious clients

Poppys Group of Hotels: Corporate Interface
Poppys SET, Kumbakonam
Hotel Poppys, Tuticorin (3 Star) (Power Gateway.)
Hotel Poppys, Madurai (4 Star Property)
Aquatic Resorts, Kumbalangi, Cochin
Poppys Anukula Residency, Vellore ( Power Gateway)

Vinayaga Group of Hotels: Corporate Interface
Hotel Vinayaga, Tirupur (With Power Gateway)
Hotel Vinayaga Excellency, Tirupur (Power Gateway)
Hotel Vinayaga Inn, Ooty (Power Gateway)
Hotel Vinayaga, Rameswaram (Power Gateway)
Hotel Vinayaga, Kumbakonam (Power Gateway)

Other Customers

Hotel Vivek, Coonoor
Hotel Meadows Residency, Ooty
Midland Residency, Combatore
Hotel Sam Residency, Coimbatore
Hotel Chelas, Kumbakonam
Hotel Sitthi Residency, Kumbakonam
Hotel Gajapria, Trichy
Hotel Jai, Kodaikanal
Town Country Resorts, Kodaikanal
Hilltop Towers, Kodaikanal
Relax Holiday Home, Goa
Wood Briar Tea Bungalows (5 Loc)
Bison woods , Yercaud
Sri Moushiga Hotels, Kanchipuram

Skylite Hotels, Coimbatore
Jayaram Group, Madurai
The Royal Residency, Perambalur
Land Maark Hotels, Tirupur
Roshan Residency, Kodaikanal
Saliha International, Kodaikanal
Hotel Mahasakthi, Mettupalaya
Nayagara Hotels, Chennai
Jayaram Bakery Group (All Branches)
Sri Hari Residency, Kanchipuram
Shri Krishna Lodge, Kanchipuram
Arunai Anantha Tiruvannamalai
Hotel LRN Salem
Breeze suit, Bangalore

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